Terms of Use

Promotion of Global Human Resource Development Organization (hereinafter referred to as the "Organization") has established the following terms and conditions that apply to the use of all services (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") provided by the Organization's service "TGLA - The Global Language Academy" (hereinafter referred to as the "website") by users (those who have applied to the Organization to use the Services, have been approved by the Organization, and have obtained user status or are seeking user status).
Article 1 (Scope and Modification of the Terms)
This Agreement shall apply to both the Organization and the User with respect to the use of the Service, and the User shall faithfully comply with this Agreement when using the Service.
The Organization reserves the right to change the Terms of Use without the consent of the user. The user agrees in advance that any changes to the Terms of Use will take effect when they are posted on the website, and will apply to all users.
Article 2 (User Registration)
1. A person who wishes to register as a user (hereinafter referred to as a "applicant") shall register for this service in accordance with the procedures specified by the Organization. The applicant shall be deemed to have confirmed and agreed to the following items when registering for the service.
(1) The applicant must read and agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement, and register for this service using the online method specified by the Organization.
(2) Pay the usage fee using the payment method specified by the Organization.
   Users will not be asked to pay before purchasing Coins or joining a plan.

(3) Registering a nickname, email address, and other information truthfully and accurately. It is the user's responsibility to ensure that the information provided during registration is kept in safe.
(4) Confirm that the device and communication environment will not interfere with the use of this service.
(5) To obtain the consent of a parent or guardian if the applicant is a minor.
(6) Some of the tutors who provide lessons at our organization do not have Japanese language teaching skills.
(7) The Organization will disclose to tutors the information necessary for lessons registered by applicants.
2. If it is found that an applicant falls under any of the following reasons, the Organization may not approve the registration without notifying the applicant of the reason. In addition, if any of the following reasons are found after registration, the user registration may be deleted at that time.
(1) The applicant does not exist.
(2) When the applicant has already registered for this service.
(3) When an applicant's user status has been suspended or revoked due to violation of this agreement in the past.
(4) In the event that any of the information provided to us at the time of user registration is false.
(5) If the applicant is likely to interfere with the smooth operation of this service.
(6) When the credit card designated by the user has been suspended.
(7) When the Organization deems it inappropriate to allow the applicant to become a user.
Article 3 (Change of Registered Information)
If there are any changes to the information provided to the Organization at the time of user registration, the user shall change the registered information from this website.
The Organization shall not be liable for any disadvantages or other burdens caused by the user's failure to make the necessary changes.
Article 4 (Handling of User Information)
The personal information reported to the Organization during the user registration process and the information about the user obtained by the service will be registered as personal information in the database managed by the Organization, and the Organization will manage the registered information as personal information, but specific personal information may be disclosed or provided to a third party in the following cases.
(1) When the user's consent has been obtained.
(2) When disclosure or provision is requested by a public institution.
(3) When the information is provided in such a way that the individual cannot be identified.
(4) When this service is transferred to a third party.
You understand that the tutor will call you by the nickname you set in the lesson.
You understand that those information will be provided to the tutor regarding the information needed for the lesson.
Article 5 (Management of Passwords)
You shall use the password that you set when you registered to use this service.
The User shall be responsible for managing the password as described in the preceding paragraph. The user shall be responsible for any damage caused by insufficient management of the user's password, errors in use, or use by a third party, and the Organization shall not be held responsible.
Article 6 (Prohibited Matters)
1. Users and third parties shall not engage in any of the following acts, or acts that may lead to such acts.
(1) Infringing on the rights of the Organization, this website, or this service.
(2) Criminal acts and acts that lead to crimes.
(3) Actions that are offensive to public order and morals.
(4) Actions that interfere with the operation of this service.
(5) Actions that violate or may violate laws and regulations.
(6) Defamation, libel, slander, or harassment of other users, our organization, our staffs, or tutors.
(7) Any action that may cause economic or emotional damage or disadvantage to other users, our organization, our staffs, or tutors.
(8) Any act of sales, development or preparation for sales purposes.
(9) Infringing on the copyrights, patent rights, trademark rights, portrait rights or privacy of our organization or tutors.
(10) Interfere with the progress of the lesson by harassing or misbehaving with the tutor.
(11) To pry into the employment conditions of tutors or any confidential information of the Company.
(12) Solicit tutors to work for you.
(13) Attempting to make personal contact with a tutor, whether online or offline.
(14) Recordings of lessons, uploading images or videos of tutors on the Internet without permission, sharing them with third parties, or providing them to others.
(15) Infringing on copyrights or portrait rights.
(16) Use of a member ID and password by multiple users.
(17) Transferring or lending the right to use the service to others.
(18) Any other actions that the Organization deems inappropriate.
2. In addition, the Organization shall not be held accountable for the decisions made in this section.
3. In the event that a user causes damage to the Organization or a third party as a result of an act in violation of the preceding paragraph, the user shall assume all legal responsibility, even after withdrawing from the service, and in any cases, the Organization shall be indemnified.
Article 7 (Service Usage Fees, etc.)
The fees for this service shall be as stated on the website, and the user shall pay the fees in advance in accordance with the same condition.
The Organization reserves the right to change the fees or introduce a new fee plan at any time by posting a notice on the website or contacting the user by email.
Article 8 (Service Regulations)
The user shall agree to and follow the following service rules in advance.
Users can use this service by paying the usage fees separately determined by the Organization in the following ways.
Pay for additional Coins or (subscription) plan fees by credit card or bank transfer.
Plan fees will be automatically renewed for the duration of the user's subscription to each plan under the same terms and conditions unless the user rests or withdraws from the service as stipulated in Article 9.
・Confirmation of Bank Transfer
Confirmation of the bank transfer will be made within three (3) business days.
The amount of money transferred on the day of confirmation shall be the amount of money received on the day of confirmation and shall be reflected in the Service.
・Refunds, etc.
No refunds will be made unless there is a special reason.
・System failure caused by the user
If you cannot take a lesson due to system failure caused by the user, the number of lessons in the corresponding plan will not be returned.
・Service Hours
The service hours are as stated on this website. We reserve the right to change the service hours without prior notice to users by posting a notice on this website.
・Restrictions on the Service
The Organization reserves the right to limit or change the number of times a user can make bookings in order to provide smooth service to the user.
・Recording of Lesson
You agree in advance that the tutor may record your lessons while you are using the services provided by the Organization. The recording will be used only for the purpose of instructing and evaluating the tutor, improving the quality of the lesson, and checking the connection status.
・Canceling a Lesson
In the event that a tutor is unable to conduct a lesson due to unavoidable circumstances, you agree that the tutor or the Organization may cancel the lesson.
If a lesson is delayed due to a user's tardiness, computer malfunction, or other reasons on the part of the user, the lesson will be considered absent 5 minutes after the start time.
If you miss a lesson, the number of lessons and coins will not be returned to you.
・Return of Lesson Count and Coins
If a lesson is missed due to the tutor's fault, we will refund the number of lessons and the Coins you paid for the lesson. The number of lessons and the number of Coins returned will be based on the reasonable judgment of the Organization.
Article 9 (Suspension and Withdrawal of Membership)
If a user has any objections to the provisions of this agreement, changes to this agreement, or the content of this service, the user agrees in advance that the only action they can take against the Organization is to terminate their use of the service and cancel their membership.
You can cancel your membership by clicking the "Cancel" button on the "My Page" after logging into the service.
Even if you cancel your membership, your Coins will be lost when they expire.
If a user wishes to withdraw from the service, they can do so by submitting a request via the contact form.
If a user withdraws from the service, they will lose all rights, privileges, and coins related to the use of the service, and they will not have any claims against the Organization as a result of their withdrawal.
The Organization shall be able to use the registered information for the business of the Organization even after the user withdraws from the service.
Article 10 (Cancellation or Disapproval of User Status)
In the event that a user falls under any of the following circumstances, the Organization may disapprove or revoke the user status without any prior notice or demand to the user.
(1) In the event that the user is found to fall under any of the reasons set forth in Article 10.
(2) In the event that the user fails to pay the usage fee for this service.
(3) In the event that the user uses the Service for illegal purposes or is suspected of doing so.
(4) In the event that the user interferes with the operation of the service.
(5) In the event that the user cannot be contacted.
(6) In the event that the Organization deems the user to be ineligible as a user.
(7) If the user has not used the service for one year.
(8) If the user violates any of the provisions of this Agreement.
In the event that user status is terminated, the user shall pay all debts owed to the Organization without delay. In addition, the Organization shall not be obligated to refund any fees already paid, except in cases where the Organization approves.
In the event that the Organization cancels the user status, the Organization shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the user or third party.
Article 11 (Suspension and Termination of Service)
The Organization reserves the right to suspend or terminate the service, either in advance or at a later date, by notifying the user via this website or email. However, the service may be suspended or terminated without notice to the user if, in the judgment of the Organization, there is an urgent and reasonable reason to do so.
Article 12 (Information Distribution)
The Organization shall be able to send notifications, advertisements, questionnaires, etc. to Users by e-mail or SMS.
Article 13 (Use of Zoom)
The Organization shall provide the Services using the services provided by Zoom(Downloading the application is not necessarily required for use). In using such services, the User shall comply with the functions of the calling software and the terms of use stipulated by Zoom.
Article 14 (Disclaimer of Guarantee)
You agree to use the Services at your own risk. The Organization does not guarantee the contents of the tutor's comments, the services, the state of provision, accessibility, etc.
1. The Organization does not guarantee the following.
(1) Accuracy, reliability, usefulness, etc. of the Service
(2) Availability of lessons at your desired time.
(3) You will be able to book a lesson with the tutor of your choice.
(4) The tutor's actions are suitable for the user's purpose.
(5) To provide continuous lessons by the tutor.
2. You agree that the Organization shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of or in connection with any of the following.
(1) The use or inability to use the service.
(2) Damage caused by virus infection or information equipment failure due to files received or websites accessed by the user.
(3) Any comments or actions by the Organization, its staff, or tutors.
(4) Any damage caused by information provided by tutors in lessons or contents.
(5) If you are unable to use this service to your satisfaction due to any of the following reasons.
(a) A situation where the number of lessons provided is temporarily insufficient due to a sudden increase in the number of users.
(b) When you have no choice but to cancel the lesson due to disaster, power outage, communication failure, etc.
(c) Circumstances in which the Service cannot be used due to problems with Zoom or other services used with the Service.
(6) In the event that the Service is suspended or terminated for any reason.
3. In the event that the User causes any damage or loss to the Organization or any third party due to the use of the Services, the Organization may demand compensation for such damage from the User.
The user shall be held legally responsible and liable for compensation even after withdrawal from the service.
4. The Organization shall not be liable for any direct or indirect disadvantage or damage caused by the use of this service.
Article 15 (Ownership of Rights)
All portrait rights, copyrights, and ownership rights to all images, materials, layout, design, structure, systems, and text on this service belong to the Organization. Unauthorized use, reproduction, reprinting, resale, transfer, or lending of these by users or third parties is prohibited.
The portrait rights, copyrights, and ownership rights of the contents sold through this service belong to the tutors and the Organization.
It is prohibited for users and third parties to use, reproduce, reprint, resell, transfer, or lend the contents without permission.
Article 16 (Management Transfer)
In the event that the Organization transfers the operation of this service to a third party, the Organization may transfer all of the rights and obligations of the Organization under this Agreement by succession, sale, merger, or any other method with prior notice to the User.
In this case, the user agrees to disclose the registration information to the party who will assume the rights and obligations of the Organization.
Article 17 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)
These Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.
In the event that any question arises between the user and the Organization or any third party in relation to the Service or these Terms, the parties shall consult in good faith, and if the dispute cannot be resolved through consultation, the court having jurisdiction over the location of the Organization shall have exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance.