Privacy Policy

Under the slogan of "Let's become global citizens", Promotion of Global Human Resource Development Organization, TGLA's management organization, fosters human resources who will play an active role in the world and create a better future through educational programs in a variety of fields. Therefore, TGLA understands the importance of personal information, takes great care in its handling, and strictly manages it with clear regulations. In order to ensure that all employees, including directors, understand this policy and put it into practice, we will make it known to all employees of the Organization, and at the same time, make it available to anyone at any time by posting it on the website of the Organization and related services.
◆Definition of personal information in this service
In TGLA, information that can be used to identify individual customers, such as nicknames, e-mail addresses, and the content of inquiries, is handled as personal information. TGLA also collects personal information from employees of TGLA and applicants for TGLA jobs.
◆Acquisition and use of personal information
When we collect personal information, we will clarify the purpose of the collection and obtain it in a legal and appropriate manner. The scope of the acquisition will be limited to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose. The personal information of customers who apply for TGLA's services will be obtained and used for the operation of the online school and for the convenience of other customers. It will not be used for any other purpose, and measures will be taken to ensure this.

※About Cookies
This website uses a technology called "cookies".

【What is Cookie?】
Cookie is a mechanism for storing information such as browsing history and input contents as a file on the customer's computer when the customer uses a web page.
The next time you access the same page, the information in the cookie is used to identify you, and the website operator can change the display for each customer.
In order to provide better services, the Organization uses Cookie, but they do not contain any information that can identify individual users.

【The purpose of the use of Cookie】
TGLA uses Cookie for the following purposes.
・When a customer logs in to the authentication service, TGLA refers to the customer's stored registration information in order to improve the convenience of the website and its services, such as providing customized services for each customer.
・To display the most appropriate advertisements on other companies' websites based on the contents of the customer's interest and the usage status on the Organization's website.
・To survey the number of users, views, and other traffic on our website.
・To improve this service.
・In order to maintain security, to prompt customers to re-enter their passwords (re-authentication) after a certain amount of time has passed since use.

【Deletion of Cookie】
You can disable Google's use of Cookie by visiting the Google ad opt-out page or the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page(or you can disable the use of cookies by third-party distributors by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative's opt-out page).
You can also set your browser to allow or disallow the use of Cookie.
You can choose from settings such as "Allow all cookies," "Reject all cookies," and "Notify users when cookies are received”.
The setting method differs depending on the browser, so please check the "Help" menu of the browser you are using if necessary.
Please note that if you do not allow the use of cookies, you may not be able to use some of the services of the Organization.
◆Provision of Personal Information
We will not provide personal information to third parties, except when we reasonably believe it is necessary to do so in accordance with laws and regulations, or when we need to provide personal information in connection with the succession of a business and the information is handled within the scope of the purpose of use before the succession.
◆Safety Management of Personal Information
Most of the personal information handled by the Organization is managed by computer systems. As a matter of course, we take safety measures for these systems, and take measures to prevent unauthorized access to, destruction of, or falsification of all personal information handled by us, as well as to prevent loss or leakage of such information, and continuously improve our information security system. In the event of an unexpected incident, we will promptly take corrective measures.
◆Compliance with Laws and Regulations Concerning Personal Information
In the spirit of compliance, the Organization will strictly observe all laws and regulations regarding personal information, as well as guidelines and other standards established by the government.
◆Correction and deletion of personal information
If your personal information is managed by us, you may request that we delete or correct it. Please note that we may ask you to confirm your identity in such cases.
Even if you cancel our service, we will keep your personal information such as email address for administrative purposes.
If you wish to have your personal information completely deleted, please contact us from the Contact Us page.
Here is the link to contact us.
◆About personal communication with teachers
TGLA does not allow personal communication between teachers and students outside of lessons, whether online or offline, unless otherwise approved by the administration office. We are not responsible for any damage caused by direct communication.
◆Changes of the Privacy Policy
If we change the personal information we collect, the purpose for which it is used, or make any other changes to our privacy policy, we will make an announcement by posting the changes on this page.
◆Complaints and consultations regarding personal information
If you have any complaints or requests regarding your personal information, please contact us.
Click here for the link to contact us.